• “Once in awhile you come across an agency producer who truly pluses projects and brings something to every facet.  Amy is more than just a good producer, she nurtures projects and relationships with a passion that shows in her work.”

    — Ezra Burke, Content Chemics
  • “As an editor, it’s a necessity to have a producer you can trust to keep the schedule, creative and budget on track.  Not only does Amy excel at this, she does it in the calmest and friendliest way.  She is truly a pleasure to work with.”

    — Jeff Grippe, Editor Cosmo Street
  • “Amy is as diligent and detail-oriented as they come.  Her follow up and follow through are above exceptional.  As a producer, one encounters a myriad of challenges that arise throughout a job.  There is no one better at swiftly diffusing any challenging situations while concurrently being on top of her normal responsibilities.”

    — Brandon Pico, Partner/Rep Saarinen & Pico
  • “I’ve been working with Amy on many different campaigns over the years, I have nothing but true admiration and respect for Amy as a producer and a friend. Amy is always prompt, extremely well organized, very much liked by her peers and super passionate about the field”.

    It’s been nothing but pure pleasure to work with Amy and I always look forward to our sessions, it’s work made fun!!”

    — Mark Meyuhas, Owner/Engineer Lime Studios
  • “I have worked with Amy Krause for many years and have always been impressed with her professionalism, collaboration, expertise and organization. It is clear that she loves the process of production and doing her part to create top results.”

    — Lisa Gimenez/MANIFEST Creative, Digital and Broadcast Talent Management
  • “We have done some very complex projects with Amy and she has always maintained each job with professionalism as well as a great smile!”

    — Kris Mather, VP/Executive Producer Backyard
  • “I have worked with Amy for over 15 years.  Her professionalism is unparalleled.  She works miracles with impossible budgets and always has a positive attitude.”

    — Yvette Lubinsky, Yvette Represents
  • “Amy ­ what can anyone even say about what you did and do ­ I’m not even sure I could describe it to anyone. Producer enforcer defender savior warrior ­ that’s the best I can do and still it’s short of what you do.”

    — Michelle Edelman, President NYCA
  • “I have worked with Amy for well over 15 years now on a wide variety of projects. She has an amazing ability to make things happen in a thoroughly professional and first class way, even if we are “”production challenged”” budget wise.

    She is my Number One go-to producer, and we have literally traveled the globe together in the quest for the perfect spot. Knowing Amy’s extremely high standards, we might never find it, but it’s going to be a great experience shooting for it.”

    — Jon Gothold Partner Executive Creative Director DGWB Advertising
  • “I’ve worked on over 1000 commercials, happens when you are old. Amy’s the best producer I have ever worked with. She always makes the work better. She collaborates with the creative teams and the production companies with heart and mindfulness. She brings the clients into the process so they are comfortable under the pressure of production. She watches every dollar to make sure it is spent carefully and applied to the work. She is tenacious about the right things. She gets the creative and the business better than any producer I know.”

    — Michael Mark Creative Director / CEO NYCA