My Ziva

amy-zivaI have always loved Deborah Wiley’s work- especially her Ziva creations- but I could never settle on a specific Ziva to take home because so many spoke to me. Then I had the idea of creating one with Deborah that is me, not just for me. That shift in thinking started my creative process of gathering things “of me” and Deborah channeling the energy she felt from my stuff. This, combined with Deborah’s knowledge of me from times we have spent together and that special mysterious creativity that is unique to Deborah resulted in my Ziva self!

I really love her and am so glad that my friend, Denis Zimmermann the talented art director, designer who created my logo was able to incorporate her silhouette in his design. Here is portion of Deborah’s  description of my Ziva, who she named Alicey (Ah’Lee C). Alicey hangs in my home office, above the couch where I sit, when I sit at home working on my laptop and where I watch TV- I do love watching TV!

“Alicey (Ah’ Lee C), a Ziva for Amy.

Alicey, your Ziva companion has come forth to serve several energetic purposes. She is your companion, aid, visual energetic and avatar.

Alicey views the world looking out at it through a grid. Just as you, Amy, a producer in digital media, Alicey is always scanning, absorbing and calculating information for visual shots. The grid inside of the circle represents the circle of life. This is a very powerful way to view the world around you, and can be used to your advantage at all times.

Alicey’s heart chakra is a stop watch from your career journey and into your present life. Used as a tool when you started your career, the energy of your passion, hard work and talent is energetically embedded into this piece and resonates through out Alicey. An iPhone comprises the lower body paying tribute to technology and the digital world in which your talent is brought to manifestation. The colorful and wild-wired skirt further fuels the imaginary world of creating in a digital format.

Alicey is always connected to her craft by her remote purse and headset ear bud. The arm full of bracelets, a signature of your style, pays homage to the women who created the adornments through sheer ingenuity and the beauty of using discarded flip flops to create, as well as your passion for helping the women of the planet.

Alicey’s long legs represent great strength and stature of being. She is a powerful female avatar for you, standing as a tall reminder of your own power and strength in being your total unique self at all times.

As a Mother, an advocate for women and a talented craftswoman, you can use Alicey for any purpose you desire. Take some time to sit with her and meditate to merge your energies. As resonance clicks in, she will subtly and swiftly respond with energetic offerings as needed. These may come in the form of insights, words you hear in your mind, or visual images that suddenly spring forth. All is possible when working in this realm, so discount nothing and expect miracles.”

Lovingly Created by Deborah Wiley in La Jolla, CA 2013

Materials: One half of a kitchen utensil mirroring a square wired basket with a long handle, aluminum sheeting, black and silver metal wire, vintage jewelry parts and beads, Amy’s old stop watch, an iPhone, electrical wire, a remote, an ear bud, rubber parts of recycled bracelets made from flip flops, crystal beads and mosaic glass.